Sydney Bride’s Groom Didn’t Show Up To The Wedding But She’s A Winner Anyway

Weddings are some of the most memorable memories for people, especially the ones who are getting married. Joyous and festive occasions when the union of two families come together to celebrate the love of the partners. However for recent young, Australian bride things didn't end up exactly as expected. Moments before the ceremony was supposed to start, husband to be, Jack Darsey left his partner, Stacy Love, alone at the altar wondering what went wrong. The humorous thing for her is after the initial shock, disappointment and feeling of betrayal, she seemed to fair much better from not marrying in the end.

Only a few days after the ordeal, Jack had requested to meet Stacy. “He was begging me to come back and he had said that he made the biggest mistake of his life” Stacy claimed in an earlier interview. Why did Jack decide to change his mind so abruptly? This was more than just a showing of cold feet, most people have hesitations about commiting to a marriage but they realise that its normal to feel this way and continue to their vows. This wasn’t the case for Jack who decided to make up a shallow excuse as to why he did not attend the wedding and embarrass Stacy in front of almost 300 guests, most close friends and family. “He could have come up with a better cover story but all he managed to say was that some personal stuff had come up and it was too important. As if your own wedding is not personal enough and what could be more important?

Well it wasn’t long before the real motives for Jack wanting to get back with Stacy were uncovered. It was not for a lost love that he wanted to repair the bridge he had caused but for selfish material ones. Little did Jack know, but Stacy’s great grandfather had left in his will that he would pay out of his grand estate for a lavish honeymoon for his grand daughter as well purchase a home of significant value for her and her partner too. Apparently he was a highly successful property developer.

Stacy thought it was best that she should take the trip, but instead of taking Jack, she would take all her bridesmaids along instead. The sunny beaches of the caribbean would most likely be the destination, but she also was thinking of spending some time travelling around the mediterranean. A difficult choice. As for the home, well it's safe to say she won’t have any security issues for the foreseeable future.

Well it's nice to see that Stacy is getting along fine in her newly single life. I don’t think we can say the same for Jack. There is always a silver lining! Read more stories, blogs and articles on our page. You can also add your details to our mailing list for exclusive updates and deals on our store.

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