Support Dog Senses Owner Having A Panic Attack And Comes To Her Aid

Dogs are well known as “man's best friend” and this is because of their emotions are very similar to that of humans. Dogs are able to detect many different things that are separate from humans as they have a incredible nose which cant detect smells as well as even pulses to a much higher degree than any human. It is said that they are able to smell differences in emotions of people through their keen senses.

Dogs for many years have been trained to provide therapy, service and protection for humans due to their incredible compatibility. Humans suffering trauma, whether it is physical or emotional dogs are able to lend a hand and console people in difficult times. How many times have you witnessed a dog on the train helping a person hard of seeing.

A beautiful story has recently surfaced which shows a clip of a service dog, taken at the airport, which highlights the unconditional love and loyalty dogs hold for their owners. It shows a woman which is clearly anxious and suffering with stress which eventually results in a panic attack. Oakley is a highly trained pup that sensed her difficulty through her increased pulse rate and was able to smell the sweat that began flowing. Instantly Oakley rushed over and presented himself with cuddles.

“Oakley helps me every single day,” She explained. “He gives me the strength and security I need to continue with everyday life, it is getting easier and easier with him around”.

In a heart-warming gesture, Oakley rescued her from something that could have been much more severe simply be identifying a person in stress and offering emotional support through kisses of encouragement and reciprocating cuddles of love. Humans could take a leaf out of dogs books. When people are in difficulty all around us we often pass them by without helping them identify the problems. Almost every week we read a story or watch a video that makes us tear up and sigh how we "don't deserve dogs".

After the video was shown online it has received over 300,000 views and people from across the planet are commenting and sharing it, inspired by the wonderful acts of this kind canine. While all dogs are wonderful it is also important to realise that Oakley is not just any canine but a specially trained one and in order to do so take a lot of time, energy and resource to create. Below we listed a few facts about service dogs and how valuable they are to humans.

Services dogs can be any size or breed and they come in a multiple varieties ranging from allergy alert dogs to wheelchair assistance dogs. They are not just for emotional support but also have a range of specialised skills that cannot be carried out by any human. It is important to realise that there is a different in skill sets and that a specific dog is trained for a specific person.

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