Nurse from South Africa Retires After Indescribable Event

Health care is one of the most demanding jobs out there, from the long grueling hours, physical and mental demands and the stress of dealing with life and death situations daily it's no wonder why some people refer to nursing as a thankless job. But for millions of nurses across the world they relish in the chance to make a  real difference and enjoy the helping others. That was the reason Sabrina White decided to attend medical school for over 4 and a half years and the spent almost a decade working on the hospital floors. From working long hours in A&E, to pediatrics and finally to long term residents and age card, Sabrina had covered most areas in a nurses job description.

“I have a love for each area, I particularly enjoyed my time working in the fast paced environment of A&E”.

After a working a few years with children, Sabrina eventually decided she wanted to help with long term patients and people of age. “Everyone wish to work with kids, even if its emotional, but I felt the people that really needed my help and support were people in more difficult circumstances”.

Sabrina never expected what she would see one day would change the course of her career. Working in the long term ward of Sydney hospital there was a chapel mainly for people to reflect and pray for their loved ones. I was never had any faith but in science and the study of medicine but I cannot explain what happened that day” Sabrina stated in an earlier interview. A long term patient who had been in a vegetative state following an accident suddenly experienced rapid deterioration and was rushed to the emergency room. Sabrine who had cared deeply for the man decided that what harm would it be to pray alongside his daughter in the emergency room. A sudden warmth and feeling of optimism came over her and only moments later a miracle happened. The clot in the heart diffused and the man suddenly woke, the first time in almost a decade.

It was nothing more than a feeling but the results cannot be explained. Doctors were stunned and unable to explain what had happened. Sabrina decided in that moment, that there was something more to simple facts and decided to retire from nursing. “I value my time nursing, but perhaps there is some way to answer the questions I have after this day, it was simply indescribable”.

Countless unexplained events happen both in daily life and in healthcare, these mysteries drive the pursuit of faith and science. We hope Sabrina finds her answers. Follow our blog for future updates by simply adding your details below. Also check out our other stores as well as our webstore.

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