New Zealand Woman Asked To Leave Store For No Reason But She Returns Triumphant

Browsing at her own leisure Mia Jones was like anyone else doing some window shopping. Countless people stroll through malls looking at new and interesting things. Display cases in front of shops show host their merchandise. It is part of the shopping experience, so you can imagine Mia's horror when she was asked to leave a luxury handbag store for simply looking around.  She was browsing for one of the new summer edition single strap which she was most likely going to get in the future as Mia was a keen and productive saver. “I have always been fond of bags ever since I was a small girl, and I would regularly browse different shops for ones I liked. You should see my collection. I was most certainly and interested customer. Well not anymore”. She was confronted by a member of staff who shall remain nameless that if she didn’t leave the store immediately she would be removed. The space was only for customers and not for lingering people. Mia in a sign of defiance stood her ground and was actually removed forcibly from the store. for “actual” customers. “I have never been so disrespected or embarrassed in my life, I would be so angry if it wasn't for my shock”

Not one to let things slide Mia left a long and descriptive review of the particular store and even managed to include the staff members name. The blog post was viewed by thousands of people many local to the area so it wasn’t long before Mia received some feedback from the luxury bags stores PR team. Mia was offered a 50% discount on which ever bag she would like from the store as a sign of an apology and the staff member was to receive disciplinary action. Mia did mention in a later interview that when she returned to purchase her new designer bag that the staff member was not present. While Mia may have gotten a fortunate outcome with a sizable discount she was always intended to make a purchase and she should not have been treated so poorly. Mia had been saving for over 6 months with a simple few tricks that can be employed by everyone.

Setting a weekly budget based upon your income, your target goal and an allotted amount of time. Make sure to stick to your amounts and not succumb to temptation. Always keep an eye out for a good deal. If you put your vital living costs and intended savings away immediately at the beginning of each week you can achieve your goals.

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