Left At The Altar! One South African Woman Expresses Her Truth After Receiving Unforgettable News

**Nobody wants to be heartbroken and left alone. What would make matters worse, is being left at the altar on your wedding day. Here, one woman decided to do just that – but many question if her actions on that day and how she celebrated her life afterward were justified…**

Leaving your significant other on your wedding day and celebrating it on social media could be the worse thing you can do to someone you once loved. But for 28-year old Anna Trells, she felt like her actions were valid after finding out that she’s been cheated on the past 3 years.

Two weeks before her wedding day, Anna Trells received a message on Facebook Messenger from a women that she had never met before. The message reads:

Hi Anna,

You don’t know me. But I just want to come clean with some horrible things that have been taking place between me and your fiancé. As you can guess by now, we’ve been seeing each other regularly. And although I understand that your wedding day is coming up, I want to tell you that I’ve fallen in love with your significant other and the guilt that I have is just too much to bear. I have to let you know and I’m sorry that you have to find out this way.

Fortunately for Anna, this heartbreaking news couldn’t have come at a better time as she had a feeling that her fiancé Richard was hiding something. If she found out later on after they married, things would’ve much worse.

“I had two weeks to come to terms with the news and then I had the idea that I would get even for all those years that I had been cheated on,” said Anna. “I knew what to do and what to say at the wedding, it was meant to be.”

The speech that took place shocked everyone.

“I’m sorry Richard, but I don’t want to marry you.”

“A couple weeks ago, I received a messaged from a woman named Felicia… you know, the woman that you’ve been cheating on me with. All those fake company trips and late night work meetings all make sense now. But what hurt the most is how you made me feel the past couple months. And I know its because you stopped loving me. I felt it and that’s why im doing this on what was suppose to be our special day.”

“One thing I can’t stand is dishonesty and feeling humiliated. I can truthfully see the look on your face when I tell you that it’s your loss. Not only did you lose me, but a chance to share a respected life surrounded by all these people who care so much about you and once cared about us. Sadly, you only care about yourself, take care.”

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