Female Police Officer Retires From The Force To Help Charities

Terisa Clarke a policewoman officer from Sydney has made the news recently for the best of reasons. She made headlines for her charitable and selfless actions both recently and throughout the course of her professional career. Over 10 years of dedication to the force was soon given up when an epiphany became her, she decided to give her energy and time to charitable causes by involving herself in specific organisations that deal with the homeless in Norway. While she assures the community that she would love to continue to protect and serve, she feels as if her policing can only do so much good and real social issues that are seen day to day, such as homelessness, she can only help so much under the title of policewoman.

“Ever since I can remember I always wanted to protect people who couldn’t protect themselves. I remember a time on the school playground helping a kid that was being bullied and that has always resonated with me”. Said Clarke. “As I have gotten older and more experienced I see the real issues before me and I feel as if I was enforcing the law rather than helping the people who needed it”.

“After an intriguing 30-minute conference I attended that dealt with the homeless issue and presented clear, objective ways of dealing with it I decided to leave the my position and pursue new goals”.

Since independently working with various charities Terisa has visited over 30 different communities in the greater Oslo area helping with a variety of initiatives which have directly helped over 14,000 people. Giving her time, effort and most surprisingly her own savings to help people, Terisa has stood out from the crowd and as earned her unofficial title, Oslo’s most selfless person.

We hope that this story of a selfless and caring former police officer will inspire others to make a difference in their communities, no matter how small. Helping those that need it is an obvious choice but sometimes the action to give aid to those that help us is just as important. If you would like to help some local first responders then we listed a few below for your consideration. Help them, help us.

1-National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund                                              

A charity dedicated to the helping of retired and injured first responders, whether it is the police, fire service or army. One of the largest charities that sheds a light on the sacrifice of these people.

2-First Responders Children's Foundation

Working with families around the country this foundation deals with the families affected by the injury or loss of first responders. It creates scholarships and grants for the education of children affected.

3-Cops 4 Causes

Is an organisation that highlights the philanthropic efforts of law enforcement. Aiding wounded servicemen and creating youth initiatives.

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