Ex Soldier Was Caring For Her Child When Teenagers Broke In

Keeping your home safe is a primary concern for most people, particularly when they are raising young children and that exactly what this Auckland Native has done after she experienced one of the most bizarre home invasion attempts. Alice Bryan from Auckland was at home caring for her small infant child. She was home alone when two teenage burglars crawled through her window and searched her home in the hopes of finding anything valuable.

“I heard a noise from upstairs, as if someone was walking around, but there was no one else in the house as my husband was out at work”.

Alice was very careful as she was dealing with her small infant and was unsure how many people had come in through the upstairs window. She decided to confront her intruders only to be pleasantly surprised and relieved.

“They had bandanas around their noses like Wild West bandits… I did say, ‘Why aren’t you in school?’ For some crazy reason I said, ‘Where is your mother?’”. The two teenagers were clumsy and stumbling around. As an ex-army woman she had no problem dealing with the foolish teenagers and decided it was best to call their parents and not the police.

“ I doubt they were even 15 years old” Alice said in an interview. “I have faced a lot worse than unruly teenagers, however I am happy that my daughter is safe”

Home invasions happen on a more regular basis than you would expect so it is better to be prepared than to risk the possibility of danger. Below are some tips that might help you secure your home.

1.Use a deadbolt lock. Installed on a solid door, it is an effective attack stopper.

  1. Install motion-sensor lights near windows and doors.
  2. Install a camera at the front door. While door peepholes serve a purpose in hotels or small areas, a security camera is better suited for home use.
  3. Consider a dog. Dogs have been one of the most popular forms of home defense for centuries. Working both as an alarm and a deterrent, they can defend and love at the same time.
  4. Use an alarm system. Choose a system that has professional monitoring with a variety of service options.

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