British Woman Removed From Prada Store' For Being Too Poor.

Throughout history there has always been a divide between to rich and the poor. A division of classes was common and it was even thought that people of different economic backgrounds should not socialise at all together. In this modern age those notions have disappeared for the most part, however for some elite clubs, restaurants and even shopping stores that is not that case. What happened to this young lady from Kent, UK was both upsetting and alarming.

Jessica Stride from Kent was out shopping for a new handbag in the countries capital, London when she was subject to some rather heavy handed treatment. Wanting a new bag for an upcoming wedding of a close friend, Jessica thought it would be best to get something stylish for the occasion.

“I had not bought something beautiful for myself in the longest time, I haven’t even been overseas in 2 years, so I thought why not splash out a bit and get something brilliant”, exclaimed Jessica. Working for a small firm in Kent, Jessica was “getting by” and believed if she was ever going to enjoy spending something then it would be for her friends wedding.

While browsing the potential bags Jessica was confronted by security in a Prada boutique store and asked to leave. Floor staff had identified her as a potential shoplifter based solely on her clothes and “lack of fashion”. In an interview with a Prada spokesperson they stated that “The woman had allegedly refused to show proper identification and when security guards stepped in after she allegedly became aggressive”.

It was quite obviously a misjudgement on the part of security and staff as Jessica decided to secretly voice record the interaction on her mobile phone. Immediately contacting local papers and news outlets as well as releasing the audio online via her personal blog, it was not long before the Prada outlet in question released a formal apology. Unfortunately investigating the incident Prada but could not be reached for comment.

This is not the first time that fashionable stores have been in trouble to profiling potential customers but hopefully it is the last. The story garnered so much attention we decided to write this accompanying piece in an effort to raise awareness for future issues.

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