British Woman Delays Flight Because of Extreme Happiness

A young flight attendant from the UK has delayed a flight leaving from Toronto to London because of her “extreme happiness”. The flight was scheduled to take off at 1.15pm but due to the elated woman all the 264 passengers were delayed for over 15 minutes. Jesse (the woman in question) later said that she meant no harm to be caused and did not realise she was becoming a flight safety hazard, she just “simply could not sit down because of all the excitement within her”. Jesse had received some wonderful news just prior to take off that made her ultimately happy. A long term student, Jesse had applied to many overseas universities in a hope of one day becoming a lawyer and right before take off she received the good news. 

“I got an email from one of the Law schools in America that said I had been accepted on a full scholarship” said Jesse. “I just could not contain my happiness and relief as I had been applying for the last two years”. She was seen jumping around the cabin and none of the passengers ever expected to see this happening.

While we are excited for Jesse we do not condone this sort of reaction that left all the passengers delayed. No sanctions from the airline were given luckily. However she was issued a warning from the flight crew manager. Lets hope her career takes off too!

Delayed flights are always an inconvenience no matter the reason, but below we listed a few of the more interesting and funny reasons that planes have not left of time:

A flight from Fort Lauderdale was delayed a few years ago because the pilots were nowhere to be found. The announcement had been made that the pilots had run away and eventually new pilots had to be called in as replacements. 

A British Airways flight had left over 200 passengers without a way to get to their destination, solely because there was a mouse found living in the cabin. While this wasn’t a health issue it was a safety issue as the mouse had eaten through some of the wires at the back of the plane.

Another problem for British Airways happened when a flight was delayed as the required amount of paper towels had not been reached. The flight was a long haul, trans-Atlantic flight and so it was necessary to have proper toiletries. The problem was not quickly fixed however and the plane ended up being delayed for an amazing 5 hours.

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