Bride From Australia Left Alone At The Altar By Fiancé But She’s But Gets Revenge

When things seemed at there most dark an Australian bride managed to summon the courage to make the best of a bad situation. Lauren Barker from Sydney, NSW was getting ready for her big day. With all the preparations set in place for a large and expensive wedding Lauren had only left to stress about how she looked. While all her bridesmaids and close family were helping her look her best she began to feel as if something was not quite right in her gut.

“I  can’t explain the feeling, it was just one of those things, a sixth sense some might call it. Something just didn’t feel right but I couldn’t put my finger on it”.

Lauren was scheduled to marry her long term boyfriend and fiance Jack Prendergast. Self described as a loving relationship, friends and family saw it another way. “Lauren used to be such an outgoing person, bubbly and energetic”, claimed a close friend. “Since being with Jack we don’t see much of her and when we do she isn’t in the best of moods and constantly checks her phone”. Jack has been described as quite the controlling boyfriend and it was his way for the majority of the wedding, guests, catering. “I remember hearing about a big fight over some of the location recommendations that Lauren had given for the wedding, though she was quite shy about telling us”.

On the day of the wedding, nervous and feeling as if things were not quite right Lauren eventually made it to the church. Little did she know Jack had decided that the wedding location was not to his liking so had decided not to show up. What could possibly be worse than having your groom ditch you on your wedding day? Having being jilted in front of hundreds of guests Lauren could be forgive for breaking down, but that when this story gets better. She did quite the opposite.

Making a courage speech in front of the guests Lauren expressed that finally the knot in her stomach had subsided and she was in fact relieved that he had not shown up. She began to tell a story to her audience, one that included her partners parents and siblings. It took me a long time, up until this moment to understand why I feel this way. He was pretty manipulative, but not really in a horrible way, but more in how he'd get you to do what he'd want.The more time that passed the more I felt less happy. I don’t wish to be quite housewife. He subtlety pushed me away from everything I used to enjoy. It took until this moment to realise or perhaps be honest with myself that I am not happy. I thought I was happy.

There was an incredible applause. Lauren enjoyed the rest of the party with the guests before booking herself a long trip. A personal honeymoon. “I always loved to travel and now I can finally go where I want”. Congrats Lauren!

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