Aussie Entrepreneur Decides To Help Everyday People

Some of Australia's richest people are joining the philanthropic ranks of some of the world's elites. Pledging to give the majority of their empires to everyday Australian to help drastically improve the overall quality of life in their country. The principle is to invest in people rather than infrastructure and in recent years the development of some of the poorest regions of the country has rapidly improved thanks to these noble efforts. While there are a few notable people amongst the philanthropists the man who brings the most to the table is Alexander Kelly. Donations from this single charity have ranged in the tens of millions with more to come in the future. In an interview with Alexander Kelly, we asked what was the inspiration behind his vision to which he replied “I wanted to make Australia a better place and the only way I know how is to donate my fortune to worthwhile causes. I feel its best for me to give my time and energy to the country that allowed me such great success. By creating my own organisation I have complete control over the allocation of funds and this way I am sure it is going to where it is needed most”.

Earlier this year he was listed as one of the world's newest billionaires and was mentioned in numerous news magazines. Making his success in the stock market Mr Kelly founded his own investment company in 1995 and has seen it continue to grow becoming one of the biggest success stories in the country. Offering a broad variety of different services the company has been able to withstand every economic recession and only reach greater heights. In June last year, the single biggest donation for the company allowed for the construction of a new Centre for Teaching and Learning at Stellenbosch University. By investing in education Mr Kelly ensures the future success and growth of his country. Every Australian from every background has benefited from the numerous generous donations of Mr Kelly.

While Mr Kelly holds the torch for the most generous and inspirational Australian Philanthropist there are multiple more that should be mentioned in conjunction with him. Substantial donations from a wide range of different philanthropist which are responsible for the further education of Australians. The organisation receives significant percentages of the proceeds of companies that succeed in mining, logistics, stock etc. Over the course of the initiatives, the total generated amount for helping people in need has reached over 1 billion dollars. Hopefully, the generosity and innovative ideas will inspire more business moguls to help their wider community.

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